Where perfection is the aim

Lawo’s quality claim

We have high demands: on our innovative capacity, or products and our corporate actions. And we pursue a clearly set target: we want to provide our customers with optimum quality at all times. Our understanding of quality is not limited to the manufacture of excellent products. It also includes reliable project management, best customer satisfaction, efficient cost management and responsible actions towards the society and the environment.

Made in Rastatt, Germany

High vertical integration as a guarantee for quality.
One of Lawo’s trademarks is the especially high vertical integration. This means that we can bring in our experience for every production step and guarantee you high quality standards at any time. For you this means: whether it is metal or varnishing work, wave or reflow soldering, equipping modules, cabling or quality inspection – we will offer you the solution from one source. The fact that this manufacturing philosophy is still viable after many years is proven by the fact that we still maintain and repair PTR mixers from the 1980s.

Innovative by tradition.
Lawo as a trigger of innovations in the audio sector.
Lawo has consistently emerged since 1970 as a trigger of innovation in the audio sector and brought groundbreaking innovations to the market: ranging from the first programmable mixers with digital control to consoles of the mc series with which Lawo significantly promoted digitalisation in the audio industry. We will continue on this route consistently orientated towards the future: current examples are the mixers of the new mc2 generation which have set new standards as regards user friendliness and redundancy.

Where deeds not words count.
Our commitment to environmentally friendly production.

Environment-friendly production processes and sustainable value added are a core concern of ours. This is why we invested at an early stage in environmentally friendly technologies and materials. A specific example: we comply with the EU Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS) and therefore produce appliances which do not exceed any of the approved maximum concentrations of lead, mercury or cadmium, for instance. We are also registered with the Elektro-Altgeräte Register (ear) charity and are committed to finding environmentally friendly solutions for recycling appliances.