JADE Engine - Less complexity, more efficiency.

Modern audio production happens in the PC. JADE Engine opens up a new dimension of audio handling on the PC. As mediator between audio hardware and software JADE Engine establishes connections of any kind between the required audio signals, independent from their origin. Audio signals need to leave the PC only when necessary. JADE Engine uses standard audio interfaces, thus adapting seamlessly into the environment. Once set up, these configurations can be saved and recalled by the push of a button.

Use audio interfaces without restrictions
The ability to work with all of your audio interfaces simultaneously can save a lot of time and avoid mistakes. When conducting a phone interview, you can now mix your microphone signal, the audio signal from a CD player and an internal audio stream from your VoIP program and record this mix directly to your PC in one pass. No external routing of the signal nor switching of signals is necessary.

Everyday editoral work is more and more determined by fast and short-lived workflows: After recording the telephone interview, the story requires some original quotation from an online video. One mouse click in the JADE, and all is prepared. The audio signal of the video is being supplied to the edit software and can be recorded directly. Hardly ready with the cut, a Skype interview has to be recorded. Another mouse click in the JADE Engine -  and the interview can start without delay.

Push-Button Operation
JADE Engine recognizes all audio applications relevant to a production and switches signals at the touch of a button. JADE Engine is not restricted by a ‘proprietary’ approach to operation, but allows generic cooperation of nearly all audio interfaces and applications. Scenarios can be defined in snapshots, so that vital applications can be activated in a single step, allowing JADE Engine to be used to simultaneously connect sources and destinations for a headset and codec, start the recording software and launch the codec software so that it accesses the telephone database.

A demo version of JADE Engine available here for free

At a glance:

  • JADE Engine directly interconnects audio hardware, from the onboard sound chip in a notebook to a professional external audio interface.
  • JADE Engine directly interconnects all available audio signals from any installed software. Audio signals don’t have to leave the PC.
  • JADE Engine incorporates RAVENNA networking, so all audio signals can be made available on a network.
  •  JADE Engine can process audio signals using integrated high-quality Lawo mc² series algorithms, or via any third-party VST* plug-in.
  • Extensive metering (peak, EBU R128 and ATAC A/85 loudness, correlation metering)
  • JADE Engine can run scripts to control other software applications. With Lawo EDIT, this integration is especially powerful.
  • Complete configurations – including all processing parameters – can be saved and recalled at the push of a button.

JADE Engine has the right features for every situation.

Environment view

All the parameters of a setup are saved in ‘environments’. These include signal sources and their connections, as well as fader values, processing parameter settings and the visibility of windows. Even scripts to control other software – like Lawo EDIT – can be saved here and recalled later. In this view, you can recall all your saved environments from a list and freely define the number of environments that are visible to choose from.

Logic view

In the logic-view, the signal layouts can be set up and saved independently of the hardware currently being used. In this way, individual workflows can be created and displayed in a clear overview. And when new audio hardware is connected to the PC, or different recording software is used, you simply connect these new devices to an existing layout – your familiar layout remains unaffected by the changes.

Routing View

The routing view is the operational heart of JADE Engine. Here, all available inputs and outputs are combined into its matrix – also audio signals from the internet, your operation system and all open audio software programs can be brought into JADE Engine to be freely mixed and routed. Even RAVENNA streams can be integrated. To further process these signals, you can either insert the Lawo plug-ins or any VST* plug-in, and you can control the signal volume at any point in the signal flow with an individual fader.

JADE Engine - the different features

JADE Standard
JADE Pro              
Routing View
Logic View
Environments View
Monitoring View
Unlimited integration of audio hardware
with WDM, WASAPI and MME drivers
Number of ASIO* hardware devices usable
at the same time
Virtual ASIO* and WDM sound boards for the use of audio software with the JADE
RAVENNA native
Up to 8 channels
Up to 64 channels
Extensive Lawo metering including loudness
metering according to EBU R128 and ATSC A/85
Lawo audio processing from the mc² series
(parametric EQ, graphic EQ, compressor with
and without sidechain filter, limiter, expander,
image X, hyperpanning)
Use of VST* plug-ins




Volume discounts and upgrade versions are available – please contact your local
Lawo representative for prices.

Subject to change without prior notice, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of the details provided.

*ASIO and VST are registered trademarks of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH


Virtual Audio Routing - PC Audio for broadcasters unified and simplified!

Read more about the new JADE 2.0 here.

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