Philippines’ ABS-CBN upgrades with Lawo mc²56 consoles

29.03.2018 - 08:13

Philippines’ leading media and entertainment organization, ABS-CBN Corporation, has upgraded Control Rooms 3 and 10 at its TV production studios in Quezon City (close to the country’s capital, Manila) with identical Lawo mc²56 audio consoles.

The new consoles replaced two dated desks and were installed by Broadcast Communications International, the main contractor for the upgrade.

The IP-based Lawo production consoles – each with 64 faders and providing 270 DSP channels, a routing capacity of 5120x5120 crosspoints, integrated Waves SoundGrid servers and connectivity via four DALLIS I/O frames – mark the first Lawo equipment installations in the Philippines. After a rigorous selection process carried out by ABS-CBN in the preceding months, the order for the mc²56 consoles arrived with Lawo in February 2017.

Following delivery and several months required for installation, testing and training – all according to ABS-CBN’s ambitious project schedule – the modernized IP-ready studio control rooms went on-air in January 2018.

Tan Boon Siong, Lawo’s Sales Director for Southeast Asia, commented: “We are proud to have our first large-scale installation in Philippines. With this, we have entered a new relationship with ABS-CBN, and are confident that we are able to provide our best support, services and technology – not only to ABS-CBN, but to all our customers in the Philippines.”


ABS-CBN Corporation is the Philippines’ leading media and entertainment organization. Primarily involved in television and radio, the Company also owns the main cinema and music production/distribution channels in the country, and operates the largest cable TV service provider.

ABS-CBN has additional business interests in merchandising, licensing, mobile and online multimedia services, publishing, video and audio post production, overseas telecommunication services, money remittance, cargo forwarding, TV shopping services, food and restaurant services, theme park development and management, and property management. These investments aim to bring positive developments to the Philippines’ media landscape, and strengthen the company’s fiscal position for its stakeholders.