vm_dmv64-4 - World’s 1st Infinitely Expandable True IP Multiviewer

Lawo’s vm_dmv64-4 is a new virtual module (VM) for Lawo’s V__matrix IP routing & processing platform, complementing the existing vm_mv16-4, vm_mv18-4 and vm_mv24-4 multiviewer line-up. It turns the V__matrix C100 software-defined processing blade into a distributed, infinitely expandable, true IP multiviewer.

The vm_dmv64-4 is based on a distributed architecture where multiple modules network together. These modules could be hosted together in the same V__matrix frame, in different frames or even at different geographical locations. Basically anywhere as long as they are networked together via IP.

Every vm_dmv64-4 has an input stage capable of receiving up to 24 sources of any combination of 4K/3G/HD/SD which is limited only by the physical (up to 18 SDI inputs) or network (2x 40GbE) I/O. These sources are downscaled by the vm_mv64-4 and returned to the network as IP (RFC 4175) encapsulated mipmaps.

In parallel to the input stage, every vm_dmv64-4 also features an output stage capable of creating up to four 3G mosaics (or two UHD mosaics) with up to 64 sources/PIPs each (128 each in UHD). The output stage compiles a mosaic from the appropriate mipmaps needed, automatically taking into account the size the user requests for the PIPs. The output stage can both use mipmaps that it has generated by its own input stage or by subscribing to other mipmaps from the network.

As any vm_dmv64-4 can use any mipmaps from any other vm_dmv64-4 on the network it scales linearly with each vm_dmv64-4 that is added to the network which results in an “infinitely” expandable and distributed multiviewer.

The result is not only the world’s first 1st infinitely expandable multiviewer, it’s also a solution that significantly reduces rackspace, weight and power-consumption. In addition, Lawo’s V__matrix platform is already renowned for its software-defined functionality where C100 blades can be changed at run-time by loading different virtual modules.

Key features

  • Virtual Module (VM) for V__matrix C100 core processing blade
  • Distributed multiviewer architecture with unlimited inputs and heads
  • Full support of IP and SDI sources in 4K/UHD, 3G, HD and SD
  • Support of embedded and discrete audio
  • Pixel perfect mosaics with ultra-low latency
  • Intuitive drag&drop mosaic configuration with Lawo‘s “theWALL

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Multiviewing Re-defined: World’s 1st Infinitely Expandable True IP Multiviewer