Video Processing & Core Infrastructure

VIDEO DONE THE SMART WAY. The video broadcast tools of the V__line are designed to support your workflow and bring you previously unknown efficiency. Leaving the established path of modular systems, Lawo’s video solutions do things differently and – more importantly – they do them in a smart way. Lawo’s V__line products not only bring major reductions in space and weight, they also reduce cabling effort and the overall complexity of video broadcast installations.

Despite the units’ comprehensive feature set – which with standard technology would require a full rack of equipment – their browser-based GUI allows easy and intuitive operation. As a result, V__line devices represent significant savings in both CAPEX and OPEX costing. Designed and engineered by video experts, Lawo’s V__line products provide excellent production quality – simply and in a smart package.

The Lawo V__line currently consists of

V__pro 8 – the complete 8 channel video processing toolkit
V__remote 4 – the IP remote production solution
V__fp 1 – optional hardware control and monitoring panel for V__pro 8 and V__remote 4

For information about the V__matrix software-defined routing, processing and multiviewing platform please refer to the dedicated V__matrix section.


Transforms your broadcast installations into flexible, future-proof production facilities, addressing a wide range of workflows and supporting the transition to a totally IP-based environment.



The All-in-One Solution for IP-based remote production
Lawo's V__remote 4 is designed to provide a onebox-solution for all the requirements of video and audio signal transport and processing in WAN-based remote productions.




Closing the gap between video and audio.
Conceptually, the V__pro8 resembles a bridge builder. It is a compact, fully digital, 8-channel video processor comprising all of the glue features usually needed in the broadcast production workflow.