Smart: AutoMix and AutoGain for all Lawo radio mixing consoles.

07.04.2014 - 15:34

In Las Vegas, Lawo introduced its integrated AutoMix and AutoGain features as part of the 4.4 software update for the Lawo crystal and sapphire radio mixing consoles.

AutoMix automatically adjusts the levels of active and inactive microphones, while keeping a constant ambient level. As a result, mixing and hosting a talkshow becomes a breeze. The console takes over control of the microphone mix, while the talent simply conducts the interview. AutoMix reduces ambient noise from open microphones while it keeps the overall volume of the mix at a constant level. AutoMix also works perfectly as a ducking function for voice-overs live on air. Striving for even more simplification, Lawo integrated its new AutoGain feature, and so the talent can calibrate all microphone signals easily and without understanding technical dB values and overloads. By the press of a button, AutoGain levels microphone analog gains automatically within seconds, while the talent just talks into the microphone.